Chaineyes KYT can realize risk warning in advanceand and risk traceability afterwards for each transaction through API, so as to realize comprehensive prevention, tracking and management of transaction risks, and improve transaction security and compliance.
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Develop a exclusive risk management system
Comply with local regulatory requirements
Safe and efficient business development
Risk Warning in Advance
Before a user initiates a transaction, Chaineyes KYT scans the target address of risk and reports the risk level of the transaction. Help users to determine in advance whether there is a security risk in the transaction.
Post-event risk traceability
After the user receives the unknown funds, Chaineye KYT can scan the risk of the source of funds and store the traceability results. Help users detect passive risks in a timely manner and inform regulators about risky activities of money laundering, tax evasion, fraud and other financial crimes.
Risk Management and Analysis
Query and manage risk transactions through webdesk and Analyze your transaction security status through the dashboard's risk data statistics chart
Comprehensive API
Such as: blacklist address verification, transaction risk verification, withdrawal risk warning, recharge risk traceability, risk level report. . .
Flexibly respond to security and compliance in various business scenarios.
Application API